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Maine and Stephen King

When some folks discover I’m from MAINE…I get two questions. So let me begin this blog post by answering them in the order I generally receive them:

1. Yes, we people in Maine do have electricity- have had it for some time now believe it or not.

2. No, I do not know Stephen King personally.

Stephen King's Mansion in Bangor, Maine

Stephen King's Mansion in Bangor, Maine

However, I coincidentally do live on King’s Mountain in Orrington and I understand Stephen King may have some property somewhere near the top. Yes, Pet Semetary is in Orrington- as it was portrayed in the movie. As a matter of fact, our cat Ebenezer showed up on my doorstep 14 years ago on Christmas Eve. His behavior often makes me wonder if he wandered over from the Pet Semetary? And I’m pretty sure Cujo knows my running route!

My twelve year old son, Jack, plays hockey. We often play at Sawyer Ice Arena in Bangor, which is just around the corner from Stephen King’s mansion. So, yes, we do drive by his home. He has the most awesome black iron fence out front- very spider-like.

I’ve seen him around town- Bangor mostly. I live ten minutes from him. He is very down to earth. Real. He and his wife, Tabitha, are very generous to our area. Recreation & libraries- and I’m certain there must be a long list.

While my writing will NEVER hold even a birthday candle to that of the famous Stephen King, I do hope that by merely breathing the same air as he- I will be at an advantage.


8 Responses

  1. Wow that’s really awesome! I’m surprised though that you can see his house from the street. Celebrities out here in CA have big block walls and ivy and…Well you get the point. They just don’t want to be seen.

  2. Yes, he DOES have land NEAR the top of King’s Mountain – but it is not named for his family, rather for a self-promoting politico who finagled a governor years ago to name the place King’s Mtn.

    Incidentally, I own the actual TOP of King’s Mountain, from which one may see the Atlantic Ocean (or at least Penobscot Bay), Cadillac Mountain at Acadia Park to the southeast, and Brewer Lake, Bangor International Airport, and on very clear days, Mount Katahdin to the north. ———— I’m entertaining offers!!!!!

    • Haha Auntie Lisa! I wondered how the “King” part of King’s Mountain came to be. Guess that clears that part up. I didn’t know you owned the very top. You’ll have to fill us in when you come to visit? I may be able to write a follow up post, haha!

      • Maybe Stephen King will want to add that land to the parcel he already owns? I love the very top! I used to run up there when I was younger…now I can barely make it past my parent’s house…and then there’s Cujo just past that on the right! And a growling horse, by the way, haha!

  3. I grew up in Bucksport, Maine and joined the military right after high school. Everywhere I went, I was asked two things when people heard (my accent) I was from Maine…Do I know Stephen King and do we still trade with clam shells. lol. I was teased quite a bit for the way I said certain things…”fork” was a big one! lol I guess being from Maine we are influenced by King one way or another (if we are writers in any case!).

    • We were practically neighbors, Deborah! It’s funny to hear about other people’s experiences with our Maine background- but I have to admit the “clam shells” made me chuckle, I had yet to hear that one, but can fully imagine. Our accent definitely gives us away! We are on vacation in Florida right now and the waiter at our restaurant a few nights ago asked us “so what part of Maine are you from?” Without knowing for certain that we were! Turns out he was from Winthrop, Maine originally:)

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